Fun Techniques On How To Make A Fortune Teller Step By Step!

Introduction Of Origami Fortune Teller

How to make a Fortune Teller to play for fun? I suppose that your beloved kids can create all types of cootie catcher games. And you will have a meaningful activity that will keep them busy and filled with great creativity! On the market, origami toys often capture much attention from children in all ages. And the paper fortune teller, or also called cootie catcher, is one of them. At that time, kids may write whatever fortunes, based on their imagination.

Get ready to make this toy on your own? Just follow information from this article below! But what will we need? They include a sheet of paper, a pencil/marker, and scissors. The art of fortune telling is charming enough to keep humans interested!

Basic Instructions On How To Make A Fortune Teller

  • Step 1

The First Step Of Making Paper Fortune

Remember your goal. That is to get an ideal sheet of square paper.  So, please lay down the paper vertically on a surface in front of you. Next, fold one corner over the edge of the paper. The extra rectangle at the bottom of the piece must get discarded. And there is one way of removing it. You just fold along where the folded down piece of paper and the extra rectangle meet. And then, cut off the extra flap. At the end, you will have a perfect square in half.

  • Step 2

The Second Step Of Making Paper Fortune

At present, you’re holding the square, right? Observe the folded line that goes from one corner to opposite corner. Move to the next task.  Create another folded line, also going from another corner to another opposing corner. Don’t forget to fold in the same direction, just like the other fold is in. Yes, the final result should be a sheet of square paper with the 2 intersecting folds. Such the folds will make all 4 identical triangles inside the square where all the tops are met in the middle.

  • Step 3

The Third Step Of Making Paper Fortune

It is time to turn the paper over! Please take the 4 corners of the paper. And then fold them inwards the center. Here is a hint for any newbies. Just make use of the available intersection of the folds as a clear guide for where the 4 corners should meet. At the end, the last result should look like a smaller square. Just observe the square for a long time. Yes, how to make a fortune teller needs a long process of practice!

  • Step 4

The Fourth Step Of Making Paper Fortune

Flip the whole paper and repeat the Step 3! That mean the practitioner needs to fold the 4 new corners inwards the middle. What for? With all corners folded in its center, it will look like a smaller square. Next, lift up every flap and write what your fortunes under here. To be sure, write the numbers from 1 to 8 on each triangle. Flip it over and color every flap. What is the final purpose? This way, you can differentiate each of the flaps in a clear manner!

  • Step 5

The Fifth Step Of Making Paper Fortune

Now, fold and unfold your square in half both ways.  But the outside piece of the fortune teller should be on the outer part of the fold.  Ah, this just makes sure that the divine paper will work. Then, flip it back over and stick 2 thumbs and 2 forefingers into each of the 4 flaps in a slow manner. It is better to slip your fingers all way up to the corners. And then, bring them together. Such the fingers need to press the center creases so that all 4 flaps may meet at a point in the center. Just pull the flaps back and forth. You can teach kids how to make a fortune teller by following these above steps.

So, How To Play The Paper Fortune Teller Game For Entertainment Purpose?

First, have a querent pick 1 of the top 4 squares. Then, spell the color he/she has chosen while opening and closing the Cootie Catcher for whatever letter in the color he/she opted for. Next, the querent should select 1 of the 4 visible numbers inside the toy.  Of course, just open up & down and side to side when you’re counting the right amount he/she chosen. After stopping counting, you should look inside, and then let he/she select again. Open & close the right number of times, and ask him/her opt for once more. Under the number, please open the panel and read his/her fortune. Play again and again.

That is all I want to mention about how to make a fortune teller. Just apply a bit imagination when creating your own fortune teller. Don’t want to beautify it with colors on the top? In that case, it is possible to put about anything, ranging from weather, animals, planets, to people! Further, don’t forget to come up with your fortunes.

The following are a few of fortune ideas to get you started

  • Someone admires your talent a lot.
  • Today, you may find something that was lost for a long time.
  • Someday, you will become the President of the United States.
  • You can do a good deed this day.
  • You will have great wealth.
  • May you travel anywhere new and exciting?
  • You nay make a straight decision on what has been on your mind.
  • To be sure, you must study harder.
  • You will forget something significant!
  • It is sure that you’ll learn a new game.
  • You will get an unexpected award this month.
  • You will make more new friends soon.
  • Interestingly, you can succeed at any point of lifetime with great expectation.
  • You’ll gain a nice surprise soon.
  • You are so sweet.
  • Please watch out for any hidden vampires
  • Watch your step!
  • Someone thinks that you are cool.

In short

The truth is there are many variations of ideas to the toy today. A kid like writing many scripture verses for his Bible group. Meanwhile, another child loves sharing how she uses “actions,” instead of fortunes. How to make a fortune teller has also become a popular activity at several wedding receptions. At that moment, don’t hesitate to put in some messages or actions of loves for the fortunes. For instance, “someone seems to have a crush on you,” “make a next dance with the bride” “kiss the one of your right,” and so forth.

Thus, grab a piece of paper and make one cootie catcher now! We all know that it might not be the most conventional way to make an informed decision, right? At least, it could make one happen in a fun and incredible way. Have fun!

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