The Most Well-Guarded Secret About How To Read Your Own Palm

How to read your own palm as newbies? Sources on the Net are always available to lend you a hand! But there is one point to remember! You must be picky about any online source, offering Palm reading chart. That’s because they can give you even false information. To get an accurate result, nothing is greater than asking an expert palmist.

In the past, palmistry was just a form of divination. All information about the one’s potential talents, personality traits, and interests could come to light via analysis of his hands. The art is well conducted through the study of the hands’ markings and characteristics. Of course, not only palm lines, the shape of hands & fingers, size of mounts will come to consideration. But we should also think colorings of hands & fingernails, spaces between fingers, etc.

Where Was The Origin Of Palmistry?

Palm reading also has another name “Chiromancy.” And its root derives from the ancient China, ancient Greeks, and Gypsy culture. The art also gets much attention from seekers. Palmistry, tarot cards, pendulum readings, tea leaf readings are all classified as a pseudo-science. Practitioners tend to apply this method for many reasons. They can predict what’s likely to happen in their lifetime based on their palm lines. A gifted analyst could study all parts of the hand. They include length & size of the fingers, general texture & shape, to every individual line.

Wonder which hand should be read? Your question is also under a great deal of debate. To several palmists, applying your non-dominant hand is the best. The reason is that it’ll be more telling about the life events. Others suggest that your left hand represents who you are. Meanwhile, the right hand shows your characteristics. But at the end, it may prove best to have both hands interpreted during a reading.

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Read Your Own Palm


So, how to read your own palm as a newbie? At that time, it is always wise to look at the hands in general. Aim to read your own palm? Then, try to find out something new in it. So, what is your general hand shaped like? Is it like a cone or a square? Are such the fingers stubby or lengthy? How about your skin? Is it soft? Or are there rough patches in it? Your palm can fall into 1 of 4 hand shapes below:

  • Square
  • Cone Shaped
  • Pointed
  • Mixed

There are other variations of the hand shapes as elements. It is not necessary to call them as square, cone-shaped, mixed, and pointed. You can name them as Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. No matter what sources and websites you access, just keep one point in mind. As for palm reading, analyzing the hand’s shape is a stunning jumping-off place.


How to read your own palm includes a lot of effort and reference, remember! Now, move onto the next step – take a glance ay your palm lines in a careful manner. In Palmistry, there are many palm lines (children line, money line, etc.) But 4 main lines are often presented on most hands:

  • The Life Line

The Life Line In Palm Reading

In general, the line starts between the thumb and the index finger. Then, it’ll encircle the thumb’s ball towards the wrist. It often deals with the way the owner applies his energy. And you can see the line short, long & round, or diagonal. As usual, a curvy Life line implies the one full of life and passion. But a shorter line can state the one with a lack of energy. How about the breaks in the line? They may emphasize the major life events. And those events would change the way the owner lives. For instance, he can enjoy an important travel or suffer from the death of a loved one.

  • The Head Line

The Head Line In Palm Reading

The 2nd primary hand line is the Head line. It tends to cross the middle of the palm in a horizontal way. In fact, the line unveils more about your ability to think in a rational way, to use intelligence, and to make decisions. Of course, it will not present intelligence in itself. What does it mean? That mean the one with a long Head line isn’t necessarily smarter than those with the short line. But it will show how you are able to apply it.

How to interpret the line for an insightful result? Have a curved and sloping line? It shows that you’re a creative member. Yet, a short line denotes the one who’s more focused on something tangible. What about a wavering line? You just have a short attention span. But a pronounced line indicates a focused person. There are those who own a fork at the end of the Head line. It might imply a natural ability, as for writing.

  • The Heart Line

The Heart Line In Palm Reading

The line has its location under the base of the fingers. Of course, it will deal with both feelings and emotions. To be sure, a typical Heart line can be round & reaching between the forefinger and the middle finger, long and curving down, long and curving upward, or short. What does it mean if this line begins underneath the index finger? It could denote the owner, who’s unhappy with the pleasures of love.

How about the line, staring under the middle finger? It might show someone too indulgent in his love. Is your Heart line straight and stubby? You cannot care to show much emotion. Is it long and curved? Then, the bearer may be a hopeless person about romance and love. How to read your own palm with pictures can help you define the line in a clear way!

  • The Fate Line

The Fate Line In Palm Reading

The last major line is the Fate line. It’ll run perpendicular up the palm with the beginning from the middle base. So, what does the line stand for? Don’t think that it will bring you luck and fortune. In general, the line presents the effect of destiny on the one’s life. Is your line deep and invisible? It indicates that you enjoy a strong dependence on fate. But something can change with the broken line? That’s because it will show that you can overcome many sudden experiences.

In Summary

With no doubt, how to read your own palm is just practiced for fun! It is not seen as an exact science. But the art is open to interpretation. Remember! Palmistry may be an intriguing way to get a deeper understanding about yourself and your beloved ones. Thus, don’t mind enjoying and pampering self with this ancient practice right now!

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